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Hi I'm Gemma, a cheese and chocolate loving thirty-something mum to a toddler boy who was born in November 2014 (you can read more about that by clicking here.) I live with my partner, our dog and cat in the North Cotswolds.

I originally started 'The Cotswold Mum Blog' in early 2015 after having difficulties with breast feeding my son after his birth. I had heard some some similar stories in post-natal groups I was attending at the time I wanted to share my own experiences online to help others who may not have access to the same support I had, so they knew they were not alone. Since then my blog has evolved to cover all aspects of my life as a working mum living in the Cotswolds, the things that we do, the adventures we have, the ups and downs of parenting and the routines we have in place to try to establish a good balance between work & family life.