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On life, laughter and the 12 week growth spurt

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I am sorry.

It has been a while since I last posted.

Things have been a little hectic here for the last week.

We have decided to have J christened (or rather I decided and talked Cotswold Dad into it as well!)
I wanted him to be christened as both of us have been christened, and whilst we are not very religious I do love the tradition of having a christening with godparents etc, as well.

Or as Cotswold Dad put it - it's an excuse to have a party!

The christening isn't until after Easter but this week we have been 'getting the ball rolling' and I have been booking the church and reception venue and also designing invitations ready to go out. Now, before I had J this would probably have taken me no more than a day or two but he is going through a 'demanding' phase where he does not like to be put down and once he is crying likes to be on my shoulder whilst I pace through the house (I'm not allowed to sit and comfort him - rock, bounce, jig etc. - that's not good enough for him any more apparently).

I think it's due to a growth spurt as he just turned 12 weeks old this week - he's also been devouring his bottles and even woke up once in the night during this week demanding more. Of course, the minute he is calm enough to entertain himself or nap I catch up on my daily round of chores - washing, dishes, cleaning and then christening organisation duties. Blogging has been a low priority -Perhaps I can skip dishes and blog instead in future?

Cotswold Dad is great and he helps me when he's not working - he is my chef, my water sterilising champion, designated hooverer, washer up and handy man - he usually does the first bottle and nappy change so I can sleep in too!

Even better I am currently decluttering the junk that has accumulated from where we moved in together 1 year ago, merging households without having much of a sort out. It's a big project but I have put a load of duplicate dvd's and unwanted console games on ebay. I also unboxed all our dvd's which were taking over our lives, chucked the boxes in the attic and the discs in a dvd wallet. ( I can't bear to chuck them out and one day when we move, I hope to have a bigger living room where I can smartly display or hide our huge dvd collection)

I also craft but could not get to most of my equipment so I bought a shelf which Cotswold Dad and I installed in our bedroom just below the ceiling to keep my stuff on (and keep out of J's way once he starts toddling). I'm planning a trip to IKEA this week to get some storage boxes to put my collection of wool in and I also want to get some undershelf storage baskets too so I can use the space underneath as well for my writing note books.

I still have a long way to go with decluttering, with clothes to sort, shoes to find a home for, kitchen re-organisation amongst other things but I'm just doing a little bit at a time for now.

On a final note, J laughed properly for the first time yesterday. It was just a little giggle - a delightful squeal whilst I was dressing him on his changing mat. Cotswold Dad heard it too through our baby monitor so I had a witness as well and it was the most wonderful sound in the world.

He'll be 13 weeks tomorrow! I can't believe how quickly time has flown and how big he is now - he is being weighed Tuesday so I'll be interested to see how big he is now!

If anyone has any decluttering tips - I am in need of motivation and inspiration so please comment below and feel free to link to your own blogs, websites etc.

Bye for now.

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