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Cotswold Mum is back and is now a Cotswold Bride to be!

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Wow. It's been ages hasn't it? A good couple of months since my last post and since then we've had Halloween, Christmas and we're now in 2017.

Firstly a quick update on my grandmother, who is still with us but still in hospital. She's a bit better now and hopefully she will be released in the next month or so. She's not how she was before but I'm hoping that with the wedding coming up and going home she will be more herself in time.

Which leads on to....

Cotswold Mum and Dad are engaged!!!

Announcing our engagement
Photo from Pexels

The 'Proposal'

I'd love to tell you a romantic, sweep-you-off-your-feet-story for the proposal but I don't have one of those. The night my grandmother nearly died I was very upset, and I told Cotswold Dad that I had always imagined that she would be there when I got married and I couldn't imagine the day without her and now it didn't look like that would ever happen.

A few weeks later, with my grandmother starting to improve my attention was diverted slightly as I was looking for a fancy dress outfit for a dance thing I had tickets for. For one reason or another I ended up on ebay searching for 'petticoats' and a nice wedding dress popped up on the ebay feed.

I woke up early one morning and couldn't get back to sleep and I disturbed Cotswold Dad. We were just talking and I mentioned about the dress I saw on ebay as a subtle 'hint' (I have hinted before lol) and he turned to me and said 'Well I do want to get married'

I replied 'I want to get married too. So are you going to ask me then?"

And he did, "Will you marry me?"

Of  course I said YES.

(We'd only been together 5 years, lived together for 3 years and have a 2 year old). As my Auntie said, 'It's about bloody time!'

The Ring

My ring is an heirloom belonging to Cotswold Dad's  family which the jeweller dated to the 1850s. It's 5 small diamonds on an 18ct gold band and was so pretty. I had to have it resized but it looks amazing.

I also have my wedding band and that is a 22ct gold band and it is gorgeous - I feel really sad that I have to wait to wear it.

Wedding Plans

We're getting married in a hotel in October 2017. The hotel is just north of Stratford upon Avon and is fantastic with an amazing wedding planner. The hotel function room is a blank canvas so we can put our own stamp on the the reception room plus we are getting married in the hotel's library which is in the older part of the hotel and is really lovely.

I'm having 3 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls. Cotswold Dad has 4 groomsmen and Cotswold Kid is our pageboy.

In addition I've also now put the deposit on my dress!

With just over 9 months to go and more and more things being booked as the weeks go by it is definitely starting to feel much more real.

What is even better for me is that my grandmother has had some input into the wedding and has seen photographs of me in the dress so even if the worse were to happen in the coming year at least she has been involved in the day.

Anyway that's all for now except to wish you all a very happy new year xx

Dear Bear and Beany

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  1. How exciting!! Congratulations, what a lovely announcement! #sharingthebloglove

  2. Ahhh!!! Congratulations! What a lovely way to start the year :) And I love an heirloom ring, I have one too! #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. Congratulations, what a lovely returning post! Enjoy the wedding planning, I loved every minute of planning ours. That's lovely your Grandma will have seen you in your dress and will hopefully be there on the day - we lost my Grandad very suddenly a few months before my wedding and it's something that still makes me sad to think about, that he wasn't there to see it all. He'd have loved every minute. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  4. This is wonderful news, congratulations to you both. I can't wait to hear all the plans over the next few months. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x