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My little homewrecker or how not to babyproof your house

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My attempts at baby proofing my house seems to have failed.

J crawls wherever he wants and no baby gate, closed door or baby proofing fixture will stop him.

His favourite thing at the moment is tipping the dog's water bowl upside down sending water all over our conservatory floor and then splashing in the spilt water.

He's also learnt to open cupboard doors.

I also realised the other day that our radiator was not as secure on the wall as I thought it was when J pulled it off leaving it suspended by only the pipes.

I don't remember anyone warning me about any of this before I got pregnant.

Perhaps they should have handed out a flyer like the one I've made below when I attended the antenatal classes.

What's the worst your little ones have managed to do?

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