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Everything is breaking around me!

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Ever had one of those weeks when everything you touch seems to break?

It started with our baby steriliser, it originally belonged to my mum and dad and was used by them when they had me and my sister. They then passed it to us when we had Cotswold Kid and we still use it for storing and keeping bottles clean. We took it with us to Center Parcs but when we opened the car boot it fell out the car and hit the floor. I thought it was ok at the time but when we filled it in the lodge I realised it was leaking and had a crack in the bottom - that was the first thing that needed replacing.

Our run of bad luck seems to have been passed to another baby item, Ewan the Dream Sheep - the leg that plays the lullabies is playing up and doesn't always seem to work. I think there might be a loose connection and we have had a lot of use out of it (CK has slept with it almost every night and nap time since he was born) we even had it in the hospital so it was only a matter of time before it stopped working. The other legs seem ok and the lullaby leg does work occasionally but I think that sheep is on it's 'last leg' so to speak so we're are going to have to consider replacing it.

If the above wasn't bad enough, when I plugged CK's baby monitor in on our return from holiday it too started playing up. The monitor in his room won't turn on now and I think there is something wrong with the power cable so we will either have to replace the cable or the whole monitor.

I think we may have gremlin's -  but it is odd that all the items that have gone are baby products and they've all gone in the last week.

Anyone else ever experienced anything similar?

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