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A morning at the Center Parcs Woburn spa?

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What do you do when your 3 hour spa session gets interrupted by a toddler who won't settle in the crèche? 

It's our third day here at Center Parcs and I was so looking forward to my 3 hour spa session which was booked in for 9am today. Unfortunately things went a bit pear shaped.

Cotswold Kid was booked in the crèche for 9-12 but when we dropped him off he wasn't too happy to be left there and started crying. We went onto the spa which is in the same building anyway and I enjoyed the first few spa rooms when two members of staff found me and asked me to go to the crèche as CK still hadn't settled in. I walked over in a robe with the intention of settling him and heading back to the spa but when I got there he was in a bit of a state.

I calmed him down at settled him and then gave him back to a staff member to take him back in and that's when he started getting distressed. - my spa experience was clearly over and I'd wasted money on 2 activities - Or so I thought.

This was where the excellent customer service came into play that Center Parcs was renowned for.

Firstly, the activity den offered me a refund or 'exchange', and although many of the sessions were now booked they managed to squeeze CK and I onto 'Mucky Pups' - a messy play session for those 18 months up at 11.45. 

I went back to the spa with CK in buggy and he was allowed in and into the accessible changing room so I could get changed back into my day clothes. I then spoke to the staff there who were good enough to also offer me an exchange to the same value and booked me in for a massage in a newly available slot (they were fully booked when I'd earlier tried to book) at 13.00.

Result - a happy and after my massage, relaxed Cotswold Mum - this is what service should be and I've also now booked a facial for later.

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