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Conceiving with PCOS - A story of hope

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I am a PCOS Mummy.
I conceived whilst I was overweight and without using any special fertility medication despite being warned by my doctors at diagnosis that it would be more difficult to conceive. Here is my story.

PCOS Pregnancy


About 3 months after Cotswold Dad and I started dating in early 2012, I missed a period. I wasn't on the pill at that time and after ruling out pregnancy via a home pregnancy test I decided to go to the doctors to get checked out fully expecting to be told that it was nothing. The doctor wasn't too worried but she sent me for a load of blood tests to make sure that there was nothing serious going on. When I went back for the results there were 2 results of concern, Firstly my LH:FSH (Luteinizing hormone to Follicle Stimulating hormone) ratio was 'abnormal' and secondly my TSH level was slightly elevated (Thyroid Stimulating hormone). 

The LH:FSH Ratio was a concern and when considered alongside other 'symptoms' which I had previously thought to be normal, the doctor suspected that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was sent for an internal ultrasound and the sonographer showed me the results - my ovaries had small cysts on, which on the ultrasound looked like a 'string of pearls' around each ovary and she more or less confirmed the PCOS diagnosis but told me not to worry and the doctor would talk to me more.

At this point I did what most others would and do do, I went home and looked on the internet and read many stories about women with the condition who were struggling to conceive, and whilst I was in a new relationship and in no rush to try for a baby, at the back of my mind I was still concerned.

I returned to the doctor and she confirmed the diagnosis, prescribed me the progesterone only pill Cerazette and that was that. I asked about the prognosis regarding my chances of falling pregnant and was told that she didn't know but it was likely to be more difficult and that once I started trying if I didn't conceive I could be referred quicker for additional help than couples without the condition. She told me if I hadn't conceived within 6 months then I should come back.

As I said, we'd only been dating a few months at this point, weren't even living together let alone considering having a baby and so I pushed everything to the back of my mind and just enjoyed my relationship. It was difficult seeing friends and family having babies around me knowing that it might not be so easy for me but I just tried not to think about it and adopted a 'worry about it in the future attitude'.


I do have some of the classic symptoms of PCOS, I suffer from acne on my face and occasionally my back, I have some hair growth on my chin but as I am fair haired and I don't have much growth I am fairly fortunate in this sense, I did suffer unexpected weight gain prior to my diagnosis - more than I had expected but had put this down to job stress and a recent house move (causing worse eating habits), I also have a line of hair on my belly which some sufferers have and the missed periods are also a classic symptom.

'Passively Trying'

In September 2013 I moved in with Cotswold Dad and a few months later we had another talk about 'the baby issue', I wasn't ready then but I felt I soon would be and as I was expecting it to take a few years to conceive and I was in my late 20s and had a family history of fertility problems including early menopause, I didn't want to leave it until it was too late. With Cotswold Dad's support I came off the pill, and whilst we weren't actively trying and changed nothing at all we weren't not trying either if that makes sense. Also shortly before moving in with Cotswold Dad, I lost a little over a stone with weight watchers and zumba and was eating better as I was trying to get my BMI down. Here's a photo of me taken in November 2013 - to give you an idea of what I looked like then. (I wish I looked like this now!)

Me at a fancy dress party as Katy Perry Nov 13

Positive results

I never for one moment expected to get pregnant quickly, and so was fairly relaxed and put no pressure on myself but in March I was suffering from indigestion and constipation (sorry if that's TMI). I considered buying a test but told myself not to be so stupid as I'd only been off the pill about 6 weeks then, but then went ahead and bought one but didn't use it. A few days later, I was still feeling 'off' so I took the test to eliminate pregnancy before I went back to the doctors to see what might be wrong. I was incredibly shocked to see the positive result and when I took the clearblue test the following day it estimated I was approx 5 weeks.

Not only had I managed to conceive with PCOS, I had fallen pregnant our first month of trying and whilst overweight (medically). I did take 2 supplements to help with my health at the time and to improve my chances so whether they had any impact I don't know - they were Agnus Castus and Boots Chromium Women's Supplements (I had read that Chromium and Agnus Castus supplements were good for fertility) - I can't claim they are responsible and I have no way of knowing if they did make a difference. It could have been the 1 stone weight loss but either way I was pregnant.

Final Thought

All sufferers of PCOS have the syndrome to a varying degree and I have read some awful stories about couple's struggles to conceive with the syndrome with whom I sympathise. I wrote this article because when I was researching the syndrome after my diagnosis there were so many sad stories and few happy ones and I more or less convinced myself that my experience would be difficult so I wanted to put this story out there to give others hope that not all those with PCOS do have fertility issues. 

I don't know what the future holds for myself, Cotswold Dad and I would like more children in the future and we may have a difficult experience conceiving next time but knowing I've conceived once with this condition and knowing that my cousin conceived twins naturally with the condition too does give me more hope and I hope it also gives some hope to those recently diagnosed with PCOS who may have landed on this page in their quest for more information.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this - I think it's so important for people who have positive stories to put them out there, as so often we only write when there's a problem which can lead to misconceptions. I've always believed I have PCOS, as I have nearly all of the symptoms, but since it's never bothered me too much I've never gone for a diagnosis. But we didn't have too many problems conceiving our first (who knows whether we'll have difficulty a second time around), so another reassuring story to add! Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove - I really hope you'll be back next week!

  2. It's so lovely that you have shared your story, I am sure it will help so many people that have received the diagnosis. Its nice to have a good happy ending for people to get a balance. Thank you for joining us for #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x