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Why Toddlers & Constipation don't mix

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It started yesterday afternoon. CK was at my Mum's and became grisly and upset and just wouldn't settle. She thought he was tired so put him down for a nap but less than an hour after he went down he was screaming the place down and not a happy bunny. She gave up on trying to get him down to sleep and let him play instead. He was eating and drinking fine so there was no reason to suggest there was anything wrong and he calmed down.

I picked him up as usual and 15 minutes into our 50 minute car journey home he started crying and screaming the place down. I did everything I could to soothe him but my options were limited as I was driving and whilst I considered pulling him over and taking him out I had a feeling I might not be able to settle him and if he went into full tantrum mode getting him back into the car seat would have been even harder so I just tried to get back as soon as possible whilst singing, talking and massaging his leg (easier said than done when you are driving).

I finally got home and as CD was working a night shift, I spent the next 1.5hrs trying to soothe and settle CK and it was 8.30 before he finally seemed to settle and went to sleep.

I watched bake off (thanks to sky plus), some of the paralympic opening ceremony coverage and then at 10.20ish decided to call it a night.

He woke me up at 11.45 screaming and I tried everything to settle him, I suspected he was constipated as his poo at about 8ish was hard as a rock (sorry!) so I massaged his tummy, bicycled his legs, rubbed his back - anything I could think of really but nothing worked. I'd given him some raisins before he went to bed but now he didn't want to eat or drink anything, I even tried to give him calpol incase he was in pain but he wouldn't take it.

At about 2ish I changed tactics, I'd suggested a bath to him a few times but he kept saying 'no' but I was out of options so into the bath tub he went. He didn't want to stay put and kept trying to get out. I dried him and brought him into my bed, he just wanted to curl up next to me but could get comfortable (and neither could I). I kept massaging his back in circles and he would fall asleep briefly then wake up again.

By 4am I was shattered and wanted to sleep. He'd let out some wind (nothing significant) so I massaged his back til he fell asleep and then somehow carried him to his cot (he was stirring) and returned to my own room. He seemed to go straight back to sleep but then I kept imagining I was hearing him crying every time I was about to drop off.

I fell asleep at 4.30ish and fortunately I don't work thursdays so I slept in til about 8.30am. CK had nursery (his 2nd settling in session) and whilst he woke up ok this morning he was super clingy, wanted to be carried or held or just sit on my lap and refused to eat or drink again.

At nursery he really was not himself and it took a while before he started to settle (he settled quite quickly on monday). He had some raisins and toast at the nursery and then eventually started to explore the outdoor area and seemed a bit happier.

After that things have kind of improved, he's eaten (plenty of baked beans) and drunk (not as much as I'd like), not been quite so clingy and touch wood as of 9pm tonight he's in bed (where I will also be going soon). I'm really hoping we have a better night tonight. I also got some Prune & Apple juice from waitrose and also some stuff from boots just in case but I don't really want to use either. Hopefully I won't need to but at least I feel I have more options tonight whereas last night I was at the end of my tether.

Fingers crossed.

A QUICK UPDATE - 10/9/16 - I am pleased to report that all is now well. CK had a normal night's sleep on Thursday night and Friday morning had a dirty nappy. It seems the purchase of lactulose and prune & apple juice (still both unopened) was completely unnecessary but I have them in the cupboard in case they are needed next time.

Dear Bear and Beany

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  2. Oh, I remember the toddler constipation well - I always had some prunes blitzed up and on standby! Luckily I don't remember my little one suffering as badly as this though, sounds like a pretty rough night for you both. Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. Oh I remember these days so well. When they haven't done a poo for a while it can cause all sorts of problems for them (and you). Alice was the worst for it and it took a while to realise what the problem was. I'm pleased it sorted itself out on its own. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x