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Go the extra smile!

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We've now had 3 nights of uninterrupted sleep! Yay!

The only downside? I'm now paranoid as to whether J's ok or not! I'm still in the habit of waking up at the times he previously fed overnight and as he's so quiet (his monitor only picks up noises if he is snuffly or wriggling) I always end up checking on him to find that he is 'sleeping like a baby' and I feel slightly foolish (not to mention cold!) for having got up and checked on him.

Is it just me or is this common?

On the upside, during the day J is much more alert, more laid back and generally much happier, spending more time gurgling away or playing with his toys on his playmat or bouncer. That also means more smiles and there is nothing I love more than to see his smiley face. Its the best sight in the world to me.

Any parent looks forward to the first time their child will smile and we were no different. Initially we had the windy 'smiles' where it was very much a case of is it or isn't it a proper smile? - J was holding out on us, and then over christmas when he was about 6 weeks, we had the first proper smiles - the best present of all -but they were fleeting and hard to catch.

Now of course he's smiling much more and we can actually get it on camera, its also great fun pulling faces at him trying to get him to smile. Talking to him and repeating back his noises is another way we do this and I also blow raspberries which he absolutely loves.

Now we're waiting for the next development milestone - his first laugh. Again we've had moments where noises he's made could be a laugh - but then its also possible that they weren't. Hopefully it won't be long.

Here's one of J's smiles to brighten up your day :-)

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