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5 reasons why I hate shopping for toddler shoes

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Now that the J is up on his feet and running riot everywhere, it only seemed right that he should have his feet measured and should have his first 'proper' pair of shoes.

He's been in shoes for a while now. Firstly in cheapy shoes, then in some slightly nicer and more expensive shoes but after some prodding by his 2 grandmothers who suspected his shoes were two small for him (I had estimated his shoe size and tried a few pairs until I found a size that appeared to fit) I found myself in Clarks on a rainy Thursday afternoon in Stratford Upon Avon, preparing to have my son's feet measured.

I hated shopping for his shoes and I'm dreading next time - read on to find out why

5 reasons why I hate buying toddler shoes

1. They are expensive - more than I pay for my own shoes. Every pair cost approximately £30 - even sandals. I don't like paying £30 for my own shoes let alone shoes for a little boy with tiny feet.

2. Children grow out of them so quickly and in no time at all. J is shooting up, I don't expect him to be in the shoes for long despite the 'growing' room in them

3. J is a pain having his feet measured and doesn't want to stay still - he wanted to run riot across the store. Not sit still quietly or hold his feet still whilst he was measured

4. The range of available shoes is so limited, either smart shoes, sandals or trainers and the colour options were also limited - I didn't feel very inspired by them and if I have to choose another pair soon I'll probably end up with the same pair again

5. Shoe sizing is soooo confusing. J is apparently size 6H but they didn't have any H's so he had a 6G which apparently fits him fine. -That makes no sense, surely if 6G fits that what size he should be in - and what's with the multiple widths? Mothercare don't have multiple widths and nor do Tesco's (I bought his sandals there for a £10) does that mean I now have to buy only 6G shoes from Clarks?

What have your experiences been like for buying shoes? Can you offer me any advice? Please add your comments below.

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